Racing Class

The “Racing Class” starts first at 7pm and is intended for skippers that are keenly aware of the racing rules and want to sail in a more competitive environment. Typically the boats that choose to sail in this class are faster and have close quarter racing experience.


Cruising Class

The “Cruising Class” starts at 7:05pm and is designated as such for skippers that just want to have a good time and participate in more of a “regatta”. Typically, skippers in this class are focused on just being on the water with friends and family while enjoying the camaraderie of sailing with a large group of other boats.

The Elliott Bay Cup is a large trophy that resides in the Harbormaster’s office. The winners of this annual trophy, both Cruising and Racing Class, are immortalized on the base and they also receive individual trophies. The Cup winners are selected based on the fastest time for the year. Since on windless nights the use of engines is not only allowed, but encouraged, the meaning of this award is somewhat absurd…and we like it that way!